Public Equity

Committed to Global Sustainable Outcomes

Deep rooted in our ambition and commitment to address current challenges of our world and support visions of a better future, our public equity fund is an innovation-focused fund centred on investments in global companies. We seek high quality companies that actively create real value.

Committed to
Global Sustainable Outcomes



Foresighting Possibilities



Promoting Developmental Outcomes



Geographical Focus




Investment approach

We analyse, decide and evaluate through rigorous research, both qualitatively and quantitatively, both fundamentally and technically.

Risk Management

To manage single stock risk, portfolio risk and market risk, we have in place a comprehensive risk management framework that spans across portfolio construction, execution and management.

Impact and Sustainability

Screening out sectors and activities

We have internal criteria in place to ensure that we exclude companies and/or projects from our investment portfolio which do not align with our values. The following pointers highlight criteria that are against our institutional principles:

Human Dignity

Health and safety: Adult entertainment, alcohol, firearms and weapons, gambling, radioactive materials, tobacco.

Human rights: Child labour, forced labour, human trafficking, violation of human rights-related norms, including Indigenous Peoples rights.

Environment Stewardship

Nature and environment: Deforestation, hazardous substance and contamination, illegal and irresponsible mining and exploitation of natural resources.

Living animals: Animal testing, factory farming, fur and specialty leather, animal captivity and exploitation, illegal poaching.

Governance Practices

Governance Practices

Bribery and corruption, manipulation through accounting, tax evasion and violation of legislations, terrorism.

Scoring sustainability risks and opportunities

Acknowledging and understanding sustainability-related risks and opportunities contributes to our investment decision-making. As such, we have developed a proprietary rating system. We collect and analyse publicly available information to ensure that the companies we invest in have sustainable competitive advantages.

We also have an internal policy in place to manage risks related to potential adverse sustainability impact across our investments.

Aligning with our wellbeing pillars

We meaningfully invest in companies which create impact through their core products and services, as well as their basic functioning. Each company we select in our portfolios positively contribute to at least one of our wellbeing pillars.