Driven by Impactful Solutions

We invest in Southeast Asia’s most exceptional founders building impactful companies. We function with the rigour and discipline of a venture capitalist with the expectation of maximising financial returns and positive societal impact.

Smarter Health
Smarter Health provides a trusted infrastructure for data exchange between key stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem. Their “Simplify, Standardise and Systemise” approach supports the delivery and payment for healthcare services in an efficient and effective manner.
Mesh Bio
Mesh Bio is a digital health enterprise SaaS start-up, providing predictive analytics solutions that enable care delivery transformation. Mesh Bio aims to address the healthcare challenges from chronic disease and an aging population by enabling human health span through its solutions to impact patient engagement and data driven care delivery.
52% of the world can’t access traditional healthcare services. Powered by their proprietary apps and platform, reach52 aims to address this gap by providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to communities where healthcare access is limited, through partnering with private sector business.
With a vision where mental health is as aspirational as physical health, ThoughtFull is a digital mental health company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI), behavioural science, and evidence-based frameworks to make mental healthcare more affordable and accessible to all.
Physical inactivity is a leading cause of diseases worldwide. BiiB is a community platform that creates purposeful virtual challenges and interactive gameplays which encourage team efforts in achieving health goals together.
Eskwelabs, awarded by the Asian Development Bank as a winning solution for the “Digital Skills for Today’s Workforce” challenge, is an online data upskilling school which provides students accessibility to future-relevant skills education and allowing them more opportunities in the competitive global market.