Connecting Capital with Impact

Innovating across
the investment value chain
with our principles

Talent and Technology

The most important asset in delivering returns and impact is the calibre, character and capability of the Citrine team. 

At the meantime, we leverage on technology to achieve better efficiency and scalability. 

The right combination of man and machine enables us to balance our strengths and weaknesses in achieving our goals.

Innovation and Impact

At our core, our aim and intention for positive developmental outcomes is embedded across the organisation. 

We strive for continuous improvement through innovative experimentations.  

Our unique approach drives us towards better returns generation and positive societal impact. 

Flexibility and Feasibility

We value creative research and practical evidence that identify opportunities for feasible investment strategies.

Meanwhile we balance conviction and flexibility to move from good to great. 

By ensuring feasibility and having flexibility, we invest in a manner that is minimally nonmaleficence and at best beneficence. 

Citrine Capital 360° Approach

We integrate sustainability and impact considerations into our principles, processes, parameters and performances.

We deep dive into global trends and value chains across different asset classes and markets.

We consider the impact of various sustainability factors in the outside world on our organisation and investment strategies. 

We take into account the impact of our organisation and investment decisions to the outside world. 

We analyse, decide and evaluate investment choices through holistic research. 

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